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The Military Camps of Thessaloniki

October 23, 2023

From July 2016 until mid 2017 RBB were involved in providing humanitarian aid to thousands of people who were living in the military camps of Thessaliniki. Some of the main camps RBB supported were called Softex Camp, Vaichori Camp, Alexyl Derveni and Oraikastoro Camp and they were old factories or unused far away land where 1000-1500 people resided in each settlement.

The living conditions were inhumane and large families or single people of up to ten people were sharing one tent. People complained of cold, a lack of food, supplies and sanitation and electricity cuts were frequent leaving everyone in darkness. 

Depending on funds and donations, RBB were able to provide dried food packs, fresh food items including eggs and vegetables, baby products, hygiene kits, women’s ethnic clothing, winter clothes and shoes, winter accessories, solar powered lights, safety attack alarms among other community requested necessities. By the end of 2017 most of these camps had closed as people who were moved there from Idomeni were relocated. 

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