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The Prison Run

Getting basic necessities to those in detention or prison

Providing aid and support for displaced people who have been detained in prison or detention centers

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Supporting people in detention

Read more about The Prison Run project, a complicated but critical piece of work taking place in Greece. Read the reflections and story of the project origin as described by RBB’s CEO, Ruhi Akhtar.

The Prison Run - reflections

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About the project

The need for support

Since December 2017, RBB has been involved in providing aid and support for displaced people, often males, who have been detained in prison or detention centers. They are usually there for rejections on their asylum claims and at risk of deportation, or they are  those who have faced an unfair trial when committing no or minor crimes and unjustly face long periods of imprisonment in dire conditions.

What we’re doing

This has become known within the team as ‘The Prison Run’ and involves providing – under somewhat more challenging conditions – clothes, hygiene products, telephone calling cards (their only form of communication with family and lawyers), medical support, and trying to ensure legal provisions are available.

Get involved

You can support The Prison Run project by donating to help us provide basic necessities like mobile phone credit and clothes, or by volunteering with us in Greece as part of the team working on the frontline to support people in detention.

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