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The Streets Project: Thessaloniki

October 23, 2023

One of the other key projects RBB supported in Thessaloniki was known as ‘The Streets Project.’ After the closure of Idomeni camp there was at that time around 500 people who were homeless out on the streets of Thessaloniki. They were people who couldn’t register in the military camps due to space or were frightened as they felt due to the country they came from they would not receive asylum in Greece or be accepted onto the relocation program.

The people residing on the streets were the most vulnerable as they weren’t eligible for any government support and most slept without a roof over their heads at night, in alleys, under bridges and in squalid broken abandoned buildings, exposed to all weather elements. 

There are still displaced people staying on the streets of Thessaloniki although the numbers are now less. Until a few grassroots organisations were able to provide more regular, long term and consistent support RBB in collaboration with other volunteer groups continued to provide humanitarian assistance in the form of cooked meals, shelter items, sleeping bags and blankets, clothes, shoes, mosquito repellent, power banks and solar powered lights, in 2016 and 2017.

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