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What we do: emergency aid and more

October 20, 2023

We support vulnerable people worldwide residing in refugee/displaced peoples camps, squats or other unstable settlements and acute crisis zones. We provide the following support:

  • Emergency aid and basic necessities.
  • Volunteers on the ground. 
  • Mass aid distributions in a fair, equitable and dignified manner.
  • Individualised care and support as needed for general well being. 
  • Morale boosting activities. 
  • Opportunities to participate in aid sorting and distribution as well as decision making in what provisions are needed. 
  • Advocacy for people facing displacement, including those incarcerated.

The provision of emergency aid and basic necessities can include food, water, shelter, medical supplies, clothes, shoes, season specific aid (i.e. sunscreen in the summer or firewood in the winter), baby products and hygiene packs. 

We assess needs and communicate with our supported populations to identify priority gaps. We remain mobile, pivoting to meet the most urgent needs and staying until the situation is stable.

Where applicable we will raise funds to buy aid on the ground, supporting the local economy. Otherwise we send containers of aid filled with collected and bought aid from the UK, if deemed that this is more cost efficient for specific aid distribution goals. We also share aid with other organisations to maximise the support we can collectively provide in all aspects of aid work from the starting process to the end. More information on our partnerships, ongoing work and news from the ground can be viewed in section Diary: A Humanitarian Crisis.  

Ultimately, it will always be our mission to raise awareness about the global displaced peoples crisis. We tell their collective stories and aim to garner increased financial and governmental support, and promote positive social changes in our world.

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