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Responding, supporting and advocating for people in distress at the borders of Europe

Defending the rights of individuals arriving in Europe from border violence and a lack of safe passages.

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Border violence

Many of the millions of people who are forced to leave their homes cross oceans and mountains on dangerous, flimsy rubber boats and through barbed wire to arrive in Greece to seek safety. On their journey to Greece, they experience push backs, border violence and violations, exploitation, sexual assault or have been prosecuted for crimes such as trafficking and smuggling.

What we work on

We work directly with affected individuals as well as in partnership with international groups to #EndPushbacks, search for missing persons, provide financial and social support for deaths and repatriation caused by hostile borders, and aim to counter growing criminalisation of aid workers, human rights defenders and displaced people.

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A decline in media attention and a lack of general public awareness, has led many to believe the ‘Greek Refugee Crisis’ is over. Furthermore, due to COVID-19, Brexit, and other crises such as war in Ukraine, and Turkey-Syria Earthquake general support has vastly reduced. Help us sustain our efforts to shine a light on the situation in Greece and campaign for change.

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