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The Qalbi Project, Athens

Delivering essential food, water, and hygiene product in Athens

Building food security through a Free Shop in Athens to communities in need.

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See inside the Qalbi Free Shop, Athens and better understand our distribution work in Athens.

About the Qalbi Centre

The situation in Athens

People often arrive in Athens from the Greek islands with nothing. They arrive to find a system that doesn’t want them, often rejected for asylum and threatened with deportation. Others have received refugee status but have no means to work or provide for themselves. Many people are living without governmental allowances. NGO’s and volunteers are overwhelmed with the numbers of people needing help. Many people are fighting for shelter, food and basic necessities.

What we’re doing

Our goal is to try to alleviate some of the worries for as many people as we can when we are there. For sure it won’t help everyone in need. But maybe together with your support we can provide some comfort in these difficult times. We’re able to distribute vouchers to people displaced in Athens so that they can buy food, hygiene products and baby items, and we hope to continue to do so. 

Get involved

With your support, we’re able to continue serving our community in Athens with regular shopping vouches and access to basic food and hygiene products at the Qalbi Free Shop. With every additional donation, we’re able to increase and sustain our distributions to vulnerable families in and around Athens.  

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