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Chios Island Aid Project

Support communities on Chios with food and hygiene product distributions

Tackling malnutrition by providing nutrient-dense food packs on Chios Island, Greece.

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Discover the situation on the ground in Chios, Greece, and see our distributions.

About the Chios Project

The local need

‘Food no good, food no good,’ is a common distress call from displaced people witnessed by our volunteers, and people often complain about the poor provisions or no distributions of food. Combined with a lack of financial assets, asylum seekers are unable to sustain themselves or their families nutritionally. If the authorities of the camp or settlement provide food, it is often precooked, small in portion, lacking in flavour and of poor nutritional value.

What we provide

The food items we distribute are chosen after communication with the people we are supporting. Our food packs aim to include nutrient dense, long lasting, staple food items. Depending on support from our partners and donors a dried food pack can include rice, oil, sugar, salt, lentils, tomato sauce, chickpeas, tinned tuna, first stage solid baby food, sardines, beans, tea and coffee.  When possible, we also try to provide fresh food items such as halal meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables.

Get involved

RBB food packs aim to give displaced people the dignity to prepare their own meals, or re-cook what has been supplied to them to improve the nutritional content and flavor, sustaining their physical and psychological well-being during the challenging journeys they are faced with. Join us in helping to provide greater food security and donate today.

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