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Gaza emergency appeal

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Supporting community-led aid distribution in Gaza through members of our network

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About the Gaza Appeal

Escalating war

On 7th of October after an attack by Hamas in Israel which led to the death of civilians and hostages being taken, the Israeli authorities retaliated with a terrifying assault on the people of Palestine with the Gaza strip being the main target. The Gaza Health Ministry reports as of early December 2023 that the Gaza death toll has hit 16,000 people. About 1.4 million Gazans have been displaced from their homes with more than half a million people in 147 UN shelters, the UN says.

Our community reports

“There is no food and no water. We are starving. I have to line for 7 hours to receive this and even then it is only one piece per person.” – Fatema (A woman from Gaza in communication with RBB).

“This is a catastrophe. My family’s home has been bombed. They are now in a UNRWA shelter. My best friend was killed in an air strike” – Shadi (Ex RBB volunteer in Greece from Gaza, currently in Belgium)

How we’re helping

We are fundraising for the emergency needs of people in Gaza, based on assessments conducted by affected populations and partners involved in humanitarian aid assistance currently in the area. Our emergency aid includes food, water, shelter items, medical aid, hygiene products, blankets, sleeping bags, clothing, shoes and baby products. Please give what you can today.

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