Chip in £10 to our Gaza Emergency Appeal this winter


Become an ambassador for Refugee Biriyani & Bananas and fundraise through your network

Go above and beyond and mobilise your community to raise funds for humanitarian aid.

Ways to fundraise

Donate your birthday

One of the best times to fundraise is for your birthday. Harness the generosity of your friends and family to raise critical funds for humanitarian aid work.

Take on a challenge

Inspire those around you to support communities affected by forced migration by getting sponsorship for a sport event or community challenge.

Engage at school or at work

Raise awareness and be a local champion by engaging your classmates or work colleagues in supporting people who are refugees or asylum seekers.

Set up your fundraiser

Choose a platform that works best for you, or simply raise money the traditional way and make a combined donation when you’re ready.

Want to chat?

Get in touch with our team if you want to discuss the best way to fundraise or are looking for further resources or a speaker to help you mobilise your community.

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