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January 3, 2024

Gaza has been experiencing intense and indiscriminate airstrikes and bombings on civilians, homes, hospitals, religious sites, schools, UNRWA shelters, and designated safe zones. Around 1.9 million people are now internally displaced and concentrated in the south of Gaza, and are under bombardment. With electricity, water, and access to aid cutoff, civilians in Gaza have been without basic and essential resources, causing disease, malnourishment, starvation, other health deterioration, and death.

With the escalation of the war on Gaza over the last two months, RBB has been working with community-led partners on the ground in Gaza to buy and deliver essential aid items to affected civilians as part of its Gaza Emergency Response Appeal. Additionally, RBB aims to support those affected in other areas of Palestine where an escalation of state and settler violence is also being witnessed. So far, RBB has delivered dried food packs, cooked food, fresh foods, water, and nappies to around 4000 people.

Humanitarian corridors remain mostly closed, and the money we are sending for the buying of remaining resources inside Gaza for distribution becomes more essential with every minute that passes. You can help provide food, water, medicine, and other essentials to those who need it inside Gaza by donating to our appeal (see below) or by purchasing one of RBB’s Free Palestine designs on Everpress: see the designs with links to the campaigns below.

Created by Palestinian artist Rakan Dajani, the original designs aim to raise awareness and support for Palestine. All profits are sent directly to Palestine. You will be making a direct and positive impact.

Blocks for Palestine Art

The 25 black and white blocks symbolise the intersectionality of the Palestinian struggle and how, whether looked at from one perspective or another, when the rights of one person are less than others, no one is equal. In the same way its message is that none of us are free until Palestine is. You can also find two small figures of the Palestinian map in its whole, which signify the heritage of Palestinians and their connection to the whole of their lands; despite current Palestinian populations being condensed and split into the smaller areas of Gaza and the west bank. They are also a symbol for future peace, where those living in Palestine will once again have complete and equal human rights and freedom.

Keffiyeh for Palestine Art

The Keffiyeh has been worn by Palestinians and Arabs alike for hundreds of years. In the 1930s it became a symbol of Palestinian identity and resistance following the 1936 Arab Revolt where colonial British mandate authorities banned the keffiyeh, on account of its use by Palestinian rebels to hide their identity and avoid arrest, which was met with a mainstreaming of the garment: all Palestinians began wearing the keffiyeh to make it harder to identify the rebels. A woman wearing the keffiyeh is featured front and centre in this piece so that it’s power to inspire support for the Palestinian struggle and resistance against oppression may be shared by those wearing it. It is also important to note that Palestine is an intersectional issue, it is a feminist issue, an LGBT issue, an issue of human rights for all.

You can purchase clothing items with these pieces here.

Select businesses will also be selling our artwork to help raise funds, if you are interested in supporting Palestine and the work we are doing through this project, please get in touch here.

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