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Meet the team – Musa!

July 22, 2023

For this months ‘MEET OUR TEAM’ blog we would like to introduce you to Musa from Cameroon!

Musa left Cameroon in search of a safe living space, better life opportunities and asylum. Although he travelled from Cameroon to Turkey by flight he was forced to take the dangerous journey crossing the Aegean sea by boat, arriving to the Greek Island of Chios, where we first met him. This is a trip that can be done in 45 minutes via ferry for tourists, however, Musa’s journey took 5 hours and he crossed the sea in the dead of night on a rubber dinghy. ‘It was dangerous,’ he explains.

When he finally reached Chios he had no choice but to live in the tents and containers of Vial Refugee Camp, where he waited 4 years for his asylum to be processed. Despite his circumstances, Musa was always keen to help others and motivated to do more. Whilst situated in the camp he became the camps Imam, leading the prayer sessions in the make shift mosque. A respected member of the community, he also volunteered with other NGOs and as a trained tailor, participated in tailoring projects. In addition, he also played football professionally and was a member of the football team in Chios called Dafni Dafnonas.

He is a huge football fan and makes sure he watches every game he can! Supporting Barcelona, his dream is to play for them professionally one day.

Musa was finally granted his asylum and has now been living in Athens for the past one year. Whilst in Athens he started volunteering with RBB and has been a credit to our organisation with his passion for helping those in need. We were also honoured when Musa and his friends from Cameroon cooked their traditional food of spiced fish, cassava and plantain for us.

Although Musa is not currently playing football professionally, he hopes that by the end of the year he is able to play for a football team in Athens.

For now, whilst volunteering and working, Musa is focusing on studying to be a web developer. He is always looking for ways to better his time here in Greece by self study. Musa, can speak not only his mother tongue and French, but he also taught himself English by attending lessons, watching YouTube and now he is learning Greek also!

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