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Humanitarian Leaders Programme

Empowering communities with experience of forced displacement

Empowering communities with experience of forced displacement through employment in humanitarian aid, management, and leadership.

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About the programme

Understanding the need

People and youth who are refugees often struggle to obtain employment in Greece after receiving refugee status, meaning many face destitution and are at risk of exploitation and instability. There are also few training and educational opportunities for them. In addition, people from affected populations may experience poverty and are unable to pay for services to be able to upskill themselves to access certain job opportunities, such as driving lessons and licence.

What we’re doing

We are providing field coordinator job opportunities with our NGO for people with lived experience of displacement. As part of this, we provide training, mentorship and education opportunities in NGO management and humanitarian leadership. The aim is to develop and equip future humanitarian leaders to become future aid work managers, charity leads and NGO directors: providing a long-term ripple effect in emergency aid and humanitarian assistance locally and ultimately globally.

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The Humanitarian Leaders Programme is a key step that also builds the sustainability of our own organisation, whilst further anchoring our approach as community-led. Running such. a programme is an investment in the future. As such, we are on the look-out for further financial support and investment in this area of work.

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